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Toasted Marshmallow and Chocolate

Picture this:

Your stomach feels hollow with the occasional gas bubbling. You sigh as you take another sip of water. Just then, you notice a whiff of chocolate. You follow the smell into the kitchen.

As you stare excitedly through the window of your oven toaster, you see a layer of marshmallow melting in between layers of chocolate-coated cake.


Fret not, for we have a super simple 10 min snack recipe to share!


All you need: for wordpress

Step 1:
Place 2 pieces of Choco Pie on a plate and heat it up for 5 to 10 minutes

Step 2:
Top the melted Choco Pie with your favourite ice cream

Step 3: (optional):
Crush some pepero sticks and use them as toppings

Step 4:
Share the treat with someone close by!

Watch our recipe video here!


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