Love Bites

On Valentine’s Week Thursday, Guylian had a Valentine’s Day Event with JUICE Magazine at Acid Bar and it was a night filled with love, chocolates and lots of gorgeous people! IMG_1448

The team having some fun before the start of the event. We have this hidden #OOTD gem at our office balcony! IMG_1463 RCH_12thFeb2015_JuiceMag_2RCH_12thFeb2015_JuiceMag_33Our guests walked away with a goodie bag each, with a JUICE Tote Bag, the latest JUICE Magazine, and a box of Guylian OPUS Chocolates. RCH_12thFeb2015_JuiceMag_3RCH_12thFeb2015_JuiceMag_8RCH_12thFeb2015_JuiceMag_25RCH_12thFeb2015_JuiceMag_26 RCH_12thFeb2015_JuiceMag_36 RCH_12thFeb2015_JuiceMag_41 RCH_12thFeb2015_JuiceMag_48 RCH_12thFeb2015_JuiceMag_49 RCH_12thFeb2015_JuiceMag_61

No event is complete without a PHOTOBOOTH!! We had sooo much fun posing at the photobooth by Aww Snap!blogOther than chocolate cocktails, guests also enjoyed free flow of Guylian temptation chocolates, accompanied by music by JOHAN and RISYA & GQ. RCH_12thFeb2015_JuiceMag_55 RCH_12thFeb2015_JuiceMag_22We would like to thank everyone who made it to the party, it was super fun celebrating Valentine’s Day with you guys!

In case you’re wondering, we can’t remember what happened the next Friday morning either.

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